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The most romantic period of a life is when a person is in love. This is charming feelings when everything makes you happy. But is you still haven’t found your soul mate then you should visit the best dating portal www.russianwomenpersonals.net to get acquainted with beautiful and loving Russian women. If everything goes well, your love-story will amaze anyone.

And now, we would like to present dome tips how to get acquainted with a girl both online and in a real life.

  1. The easiest way to get acquainted is to give a flower to a girl you like. Tell her that you liked her beautiful eyes, perfect smile or a pleasant smell. It’s better to buy a flower, when you see a girl you like, and do not carry a bouquet with you all day in the hope of meeting a beautiful stranger.
  2. Easy acquaintance. Do you meet the girl of your dreams reading a book in the subway? Or does she have a hat with a Star Wars character? Feel free to use it! Tell her interesting information about some hero or ask if it is worth reading this book. If you touch on a really interesting topic – the conversation will be tied by itself.
  3. “Girl, you won a tour of this street / shop / bus! I am your guide.” The options for starting a conversation are hundreds, the main thing is that your first words should be unusual. Ask her if she has seen a flying pink elephant or crocodile sitting on a dog. The main thing – do not overdo it, otherwise instead of easy interest in the answer you will get a surprised look and attempts to call an ambulance.
  4. Acquaintance without an excuse. If you cannot get find out, what to say, and the beautiful girl is about to leave, tell her that you really want to get acquainted, but you cannot think of an excuse. Something like this: “Girl, I really want to meet you, but I cannot think of anything. Can I get acquainted with you without any reason? “. Your companion will like your honesty.
  5. “Girl, I’m doing a polling – tell me, do you have a boyfriend?”. If the girl answers positively, then apologize and say that she, unfortunately, does not suit for the survey. If the answer is negative, then ask another couple of questions on the type of “what do you prefer to do on the day off”, and “how do you like café “B***…”?”. If the girl answered that she likes this cafe, invite her. If not, then ask what kind of cafe she likes, and if she does not mind showing her favorite place to you.

find true Russian love

  1. Online dating.The easiest, but from this no less romantic way – dating sites. Thanks to the completed questionnaire, you 100% can begin an interesting conversation, which the girl will gladly support. Before meeting with the chosen girl, you can find out her favorite flowers, preferences – anything that can help you on your first date.
  2. To bring a heavy package, transfer through a busy road or help choose a tasty tea in the store – any help can be a great way to get acquainted. And it is very romantic! Give your hand to the girl at the exit from the bus or open the door – manifestations of even such elementary rules of politeness are now regarded as sympathy.
  3. Girl, you’ve lost something.Yes, quite a hackneyed phrase, but the phrase “girl, you have lost a smile” may improve your companion’s mood. And she can “lose” the flower, forget to know your name, and most importantly – a piece of paper on which your phone number will be written.
  4. Invite her to the movie. You know, I have two tickets for a new interesting film, but there’s no one to go with. Do not you want to keep me company? Not the fact that the first girl agrees with you, but the attempts always end in luck. The main thing is to choose a really interesting film.